2017 Annual Meeting

2017 Annual Meeting


October 5-7, 2017

Sheraton Suites Old Town Alexandria Hotel
Alexandria, VA USA



The Future of Corrugated: Trends and Opportunities
A. Steven Young, President, AICC – The Independent Packaging Association
The corrugated segment of the packaging industry is growing rapidly, and everyone needs to understand how worldwide changes may impact their businesses and market share. Learn about several key trends driving this global growth: environmental issues; lightweighting vs. heavyweighting; internet shopping; and printing of retail ready packaging, point of sale displays and merchandising units. Understand which market segments are hot and how you can capitalize on them.

Social Media and the Power of Piggybacking
Cindy C. Crouse, CEO, IADD
A growing number of marketers are piggybacking on another brand’s advertisements, a strategy that can link brands together in consumers’ minds and potentially drive awareness. As an IADD member, you can leverage your social media marketing efforts by piggybacking on the IADD’s efforts, creating a win-win situation for your company and the association. Learn about the IADD’s increased presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and how you can benefit and reach more potential customers by sharing, tagging, providing content, etc. Help us create useful conversations to increase brand awareness among new audiences.

Digital Packaging
Paul Lattimore, Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Highcon Systems Ltd.
Based on the recent Smith-Pira survey, digital packaging (folding carton/ corrugated) continues to grow at double digit compounded annual growth rates. Discover how to position yourself to better meet future customer demands. Join in conversations around: Right Job ~ Right Press ~ Right Die Cutter; Shorter Runs; Quicker to Market; More Sustainable; Cost Savings; Top Line Growth.

The New World of Work: The Internet of Things
Gardner Carrick, VP of Strategic Initiatives, The Manufacturing Institute
A world where everyone and everything is connected through a network of smart devices and sensors is fast approaching - and in some cases, that world already exists. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, which some refer to as Industry 4.0 or The Internet of Things, is the convergence of the digital, physical and biological worlds. This program will identify some of the major factors affecting the future of work, such as the demand for mass quantity with high quality, customized service; transition of operating models to digital models, leading to more platform oriented solutions (e.g., Uber and Airbnb); and products enhanced by data that are continuously improved (e.g., sensors providing constant feedback). Prepare for and adapt to this new era of interconnectivity by identifying threats and opportunities—like tech displacing the workforce—and discuss what can be done to stay ahead of ever-evolving technology.

Closing the Skills Gap
Gardner Carrick, VP of Strategic Initiatives, The Manufacturing Institute
U.S. manufacturing employs more than 12 million people with innovative and rewarding jobs that include salaries and benefits well above the national average. Yet, remarkably, over 80% of manufacturers still cannot find the skilled workers they need to fill important jobs within their companies. In a country with an unemployment rate hovering above 6%, this is simply unnecessary. The Manufacturing Institute is aggressively addressing the skills gap with initiatives focused on changing the perception of careers in manufacturing; enhancing manufacturing education; and advocating for education and job training policies that strengthen the manufacturing workforce. Learn about the types of skills gaps [lack of individuals with fundamental employability skills; lack of workers with specialized trade skills; lack of applicants with STEM skills]; the combination of challenges further impacting the situation [working-age population growing at half the rate of the past century; labor force participation holding steadily below that of the past three decades; baby boomers retiring in record numbers] and, most importantly, what all of us—no matter what country we are from—can do to ensure that our labor force possesses the skills needed for today’s jobs and for the future.

Kevin Koelsch, VP Operations, Dynamic Dies, Inc.
Join in this dialog about how to dialog. Unlike many more techno topics, communication seems so basic and self explanatory. That is the issue. Communication today has become much more digital. If digital is so great for recording information, why then is communication still so convoluted? What do we need to achieve comprehension and clarity? We’ll talk about how modern communication will change the way we work and the consequences that may result.

Machine Maintenance: Proactive vs. Reactive Strategies
Rob McCann, Process Optimization Manager, Bobst North America Inc.
With time and successive production cycles, even the best machine in the world may experience a drop in performance or even failure. Learn the difference between proactive and reactive maintenance strategies, the pros and cons of each and which strategiy is best for your situation. Can “run to failure” be successful? Determine what can and should be done in-house and when to use the OEM. Also learn how internet machine connections are changing equipment maintenance and whether you can take advantage of predictive technology to maximize your machine’s life cycle.

Working in the Daily Trenches of SE Asia's Packaging & Board Industry
Brent Singer, Technical Services Manager, Metsä Board Singapre PTE LTD.
Gain insight into the fundamental converting and operational differences of the packaging industries, looking at business practices in an extremely competitive and largely populated region. This program will provide you with an overview of the daily challenges, the economic changes that drive it and& differences that will separate the US from the flamboyance of the SE Asia Packaging market today and in the future.

Chapter Spotlight
IADD chapters provide regional education and networking opportunities for hundreds of members. Chapter officers and representatives will provide us with highlights of their activities and their vision for the future.



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