Midyear Meeting


Focusing on business trends and management topics, 2.5 days of programming and social events targeted to senior managers, owners, middle managers and sales personnel. Ranging from emerging technologies to training and skill improvement, these programs are designed to increase attendees’ professional and personal growth. Bi-annual.

Events Calendar

Current Meeting

2024 Joint Conference (Orlando, FL, USA)

Past Meetings

2022 Midyear Leadership Retreat (Squaw Valley, CA, USA)

2020 Joint Conference (Cancelled/COVID-19)

2018 Joint Conference (Nashville, TN, USA)

2016 Midyear Conference (Orlando, FL, USA)

2014 Joint Conference (Milwaukee, WI, USA)

2012 Joint Conference (Las Vegas, NV, USA)

2010 Midyear Conference (New Orleans, LA, USA)

2009 Midyear Conference (Phoenix, AZ, USA)

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