2018 Annual Meeting

2018 Annual


October 25-27, 2018

Kimpton Hotel Monaco
Seattle, WA, USA

Industry 4.0 Has Arrived
Tom Fitzgerald, KBA North America, Inc.
The Internet of Things is a hot subject these days. Hear how global digitalization has impacted one of our own member company's corporate philosophy (e.g., K&B no longer sees itself as a "supplier of heavy metal" and instead is a "cooperative partner in the development and success of its customers' business"). This kind of philosophical change is one that industry companies will need to embrace in order to succeed in a world of connectivity. Learn about important changes in the industry and market and how they lead to developments in technology that link with the dictates of Lean Manufacturing under the Industry 4.0 umbrella.

The World of Mergers & Aquisitions
To Be Announced, Clark Nuber (invited; not yet confirmed)
Mergers and acquisitions are part of the strategic management of any business. They involve consolidation of two businesses with an aim to increase market share, profits and influence in the industry. Mergers and Acquisitions are complex processes which require preparing, analysis and deliberation. There are a lot of parties who might be affected by a merger or an acquisition. This program will help you understand the difference between mergers and acquisitions; why a company would consider this strategy; how it impacts the business; the current M&A trends in the manufacturing industry, US and globally; how M&As impact the market; and what employees can expect and how to survive.

The Best Laid Plans: Get It DONE!
Janis Anable, Simply Placed
Create a culture of focus, organization and productivity, decrease productivity-killing stress and anxiety in your workforce, improve employees’ abilities to follow up and follow through on assignments and priorities, recover quickly from unexpected interruptions and get more done in less time. Gain the skills to: plan effectively and set SMART goals; prevent procrastination; develop productive habits and accountability; leverage Mind Mapping as a brainstorming and planning tool; overcome multitasking and learn how to focus; prevent distraction, procrastination and interruptions; and develop productive habits for effective time management, task management and prioritization.

Digging for Talent is Hard Work: Using Topgrading™ in Your Hiring Process
Michael Langhout, Langhout International
Topgrading fixes your #1, most persistent, most frustrating problem – picking talent! Extensive research shows you are typical if the people you hire turn out to be: 25% good hires, high performers, A performers; 50% mis-hires, disappointing, adequate, but not as good as others available at the same pay, B performers; 25% serious, costly mis-hires, C performers. This presentation will provide a sequence of practical applied activities to teach Topgrading methods that dramatically reduce the extremely high costs of mis-hires and help achieve up to 90% high performers hired.

How Much is Your Business Worth?
Rob Moore, Founding Principal ROCG Consulting
Do you know how much your business is worth? Most business owners and managers don't know what determines a business's marketable value. Understanding the value of a business has implications for everyone-whether you're currently an owner, hope to be some day or may unexpectedly find yourself part of a business's succession plan. Does the thought of a complex, over-detailed explanation of business value make your head spin? Don't worry! Rob will present a simple breakdown of Marketable Business Value that's very easy to understand..

5 Action Steps for Increasing the Marketability and Value of Your Business
Rob Moore, Founding Principal ROCG Consulting
Only 1 in 5 businesses that are listed for sale are successfully closed. Rob will share the 5 action steps you need to take to not be 1 of the 4 that is not successful. This is critically important because most business owners' lifestyles in retirement are dependent on getting cash out of their businesses. The beauty of these steps is they add value today, as well as make your business more marketable. This means you can take more out of your business, both now and when you exit. Non-owner employees benefit as well, using these steps to increase their value to their employer and securing the future vitality of the business.

Employee Relations
Suzan Sturholm, SPHR, All Things HR, LLC
The discipline of employee relations encompasses a broad range of concepts, transactions, practices, behaviors and objectives arising out of the relationship between an employer and their employees, supervisors and subordinates and coworkers. Its foundations, if carefully laid and maintained, will support and guide myriad decisions that an organization’s leaders will make in the course of recruiting, screening, hiring, training, compensating, assessing, accommodating, coaching, counseling, disciplining and terminating employees. It is impossible to anticipate every possible situation managers and employees will face in the workplace. Nevertheless, understanding the basic concepts of the employee relations discipline and taking steps to ensure your organization’s rules are logical and well-understood by employees and leaders, will help you know how to identify needs, spot issues and formulate solutions to situations as they arise.


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