Angelo Palozzi

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Angelo Palozzi Receives
2018 IADD Pillar Award

The IADD Pillar Award recognizes an individual who has, over a period of many years, unselfishly shared their knowledge and time for the benefit of others and of the Association. So it was no surprise that the IADD would choose as its latest recipient Angelo Palozzi, Branch Manager of Central Die Supplies Inc. for his dedicated service to the Can-Am Chapter, not only as its Secretary/Treasurer for many of those years, but for his ongoing support.

As an officer, Palozzi cheerfully kept the books and monitored the dual bank accounts of one of IADD’s most successful chapters. His close attention to the bottom line helped fuel the chapter’s success, and his input into topics and planning meetings was always appreciated by his fellow officers.

The Cutting Edge had the pleasure of chatting with Angelo:

Do you have a favorite chapter meeting?
I have two meetings that really stick out to me. At one of these meetings there was an unveiling of an automated bending machine. It was a breakthrough in the industry—definitely a sign of things to come that would change our industry forever.

I also remember a meeting in which Chris Raney, then with Bobst North America Inc., gave an awesome seminar on high-speed diecutting in Niagara Falls, ON, Canada. It was our highest attended meeting where we had close to 120 people. He was humorous and knowledgeable and people left with ammunition to tackle their company’s biggest issues.

How has the chapter changed since you got involved?
The Can-Am Chapter hasn’t changed much in all these years. It is still the best place to share knowledge, ideas and companionship. Technology has definitely helped in getting more information to people.

How did you get started in the industry?
I got started in the industry really by luck. It was my first job right out of college. A personnel agency had told me about a wonderful opportunity to start working for a family-run company where I could grow and prove myself. Thirty-two years later, I’m still here.

I did everything from shipping/receiving, picking orders, answering phone calls and taking orders. Then I started visiting some customers and learning as I went along. Each chore was a stepping stone, and I still do them because it keeps me in tune to what’s going on with all our employees and customers.

Who are your role models?
I’ve had many role models. Firstly, I start off with my parents who taught me that hard work, loyalty and dedication will be appreciated. They supported my decisions and helped in any way possible.

Rinaldo Gualtieri, Central Die Supplies Inc.’s president and owner, taught me everything I know about dealing with people. He has the perfect mix of compassion and integrity. He’s been a father figure for me. When speaking to his kids, you see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I try to duplicate and bring up my children the same way.

What advice would you give to someone who is just considering entering the industry?
RUN! Just kidding. The best advice I can offer is the same advice that has helped me throughout my years. Ask questions. A lot of questions. Learn from the leaders in the company. Information is important to come up with improvements and new ideas.

How did you get involved in IADD?
I was asked to get involved by Rinaldo. He thought we could grow the Can-Am Chapter by letting people know about upcoming meetings as we did our service calls. It gave our customers and suppliers the opportunity to meet and discuss what’s new.

What has your IADD participation meant to you?
Not only have I gotten to work with some outstanding people, it has helped me help others with the information I receive from the meetings. I have also developed lifetime friendships as well. It’s been so rewarding.

Tell us about your personal life.
I’ve been married to my beautiful wife, Renata, for 22 years. I have two awesome kids who I adore more than anything. My son, Nick, is 16, an honor roll student who has just become a lifeguard as a part time job. My daughter, Elena, is 12. She is also a great student who plays soccer at an elite level and hopes to get a scholarship one day.

Spending time outdoors is special for me. I love for my home to look nice outside, so I spend some time gardening. Cheering for Canada’s team the Toronto Maple Leafs is also a big part of my free time.

If I have to pick a thing I dislike, is seeing people treated badly. If people respected each other, there would definitely be smaller problems in this world.

IADD congratulates Angelo Palozzi as a 2018 Pillar Award recipient. See other IADD awards and honorees online here