Connie Adams

Shining Star

Connie Adams Receives 2014 IADD Presidential Award

When you were a kid in school, you may have learned about Polaris, the North Star, which is a time-honored symbol of constancy and dependability. Boy Scouts and other travelers know that—from locations in the Northern Hemisphere—this star can always be found in the northern sky, at a height above the horizon that corresponds to your latitude. Polaris has guided travelers, no doubt for millennia.

Much like the North Star, for many years Connie Adams, President of EasyBender Americas and General Manager of Adams Technologies, Inc. in Boulder, CO, USA has provided guidance in the many IADD roles in which she has served, which is why she has been chosen as the recipient of the 2014 IADD Presidential Award. Adams received the award during the FSEA•IADD Joint Leadership Conference held in Milwaukee, WI, USA.

The criteria for the Presidential Award not only changes from IADD president to IADD president, but even from award to award. Current IADD President Darrel Griffin explained his choice of Adams by providing some background on her past accomplishments.

Known for being steadfast and dependable, Adams has never shirked an IADD assignment. After being an active participant in one of the chapters, in 2005 she stepped in as Chapter Secretary and provided such meaningful service that within the next year she became Chapter Chair. In 2006, while under her direction, the chapter put together a spectacular combination trade show/educational forum which resulted in high attendance and rave reviews. It was so well-documented that it became the template for other activities and for IADD’s current mini-trade fair guidelines. During Adams’ several years as Chair, the chapter continued to hold well-received programs and social events. Several years later, when the chapter underwent some internal strife, Adams generously agreed to serve again as Secretary and helped it recover its previous glory. Whether asked to assist with programming, to serve as a Membership Liaison or for sponsorship support or IADD•FSEA Odyssey assistance, Adams has always served the IADD.

Making comparisons to Polaris, Griffin explains, “Recent and historical research has unexpectedly revealed that the seemingly ever-constant North Star is actually changing—in fact, it’s getting dramatically brighter! And, like Polaris, over the past couple of years, Adams, too, has been shining ever more brightly.”

While still in training for one of the Board Director positions, Adams quickly volunteered to work with a small group of others to create an exciting pilot program held in conjunction with the Twin Cities Chapter. Together they created a synergy and collaborative effort which led to the highly successful and educational Gasket Xchange program. Adams was instrumental in helping organize the Task Force meetings and providing valuable experience from the previous mini-trade show. She did not hesitate to step forward to volunteer to co-chair the next Xchange program to be held as part of the IADD Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA, USA. Already the ability to work well with others, to see the big picture, to manage myriad details and to guide others in the right direction is creating a template for programs to come. As a Board Director, Adams’ input and guidance are relied upon by two chapters. Every one of the many staff she has worked with over the years vouches for the commitment and ability to follow through on all responsibilities.

Perhaps it is not a coincidence that the dependable North Star is known for its constancy, and Adams’ full name is Constance. As Griffin says, “Like the North Star, a time-honored symbol of constancy and dependability, Connie is steadfast and unwavering in the support she provides to the IADD. She not only serves as a guide and beacon to others, but like a shining star that gets brighter each year, she continues to provide increasingly valuable service through her creativity, organizational skills and attention to detail. As wonderful as she is, we have no doubt that her best is yet to come!”