Ron & Cindy Crouse

Ron & Cindy CrouseBetter Together

Ron & Cindy Crouse Receive IADD Presidential Award

I became a member of the IADD in 1995, but I did not become part of the IADD Board of Directors until 2000. Since then, many directors and VPs have come and gone, a number of presidents have come and gone, and now my presidency has come and gone as well. During all this time, however, there has been one constant, and that is Ron and Cindy Crouse.

Cindy, as you all probably know, is our Energizer Bunny CEO who works at all times, and all hours, to make sure the Association shines.

Ron, Cindy’s husband, is the IADD’s IT powerhouse, responsible for all of our infrastructure, everything from developing all of the IADD’s websites to creating the lead retrieval software program exhibitors use at Odyssey to building from scratch most of the IADD’s internal systems. Ron may prefer to stay out of the limelight and not be as well known, but that in no way minimizes his contributions.

Year in, year out, they work crazy hours, and spend many more wasted ones pushing and goading us to do what we already agreed to do, but didn’t. I don’t know how they stay as motivated as they do sometimes, but they do. Ron and Cindy are difficult to catch together, as he usually keeps their home life running smoothly while she travels for IADD, which is why I saw the Odyssey trade show dinner—which they both would be attending—as a golden opportunity not to be missed.

I just decided it was time to publicly recognize what many of us already know—we couldn’t do it without the two of them. As such, I presented both with a 2013 IADD Presidential Award and asked everyone to thank them for everything they do for us, our association, and our industry as a whole. Thanks for everything, Ron and Cindy, and even if we don’t say it enough, we do appreciate everything you do.