Oliver Company Pte. Ltd.

10 Kaki Bukit Rd. 1 #01-10 KB Industrial Bldg. Singapore, Kaki Bukit 416175 Singapore


Photo of Oliver Company Pte. Ltd.
Photo of Oliver Company Pte. Ltd.


Gail Tan


Primary Business

Diemaker - In-House

Secondary Business Type(s)


Cutting Dies - Envelope

Flat, Forged, or EDM Dies, Rotary Envelope Dies

Cutting Dies - Label

Flat Label Dies, Rotary Label Dies

Cutting Dies - Rotary

Male/Female Dies, Steel Rule Dies

Cutting Dies - Flat Steel Rule

Acrylic or Metal-Base Dies, Block Dies, Combination Dies, Lasered Kerf, Layered Dies, Puzzle Dies

Cutting Dies - Other Types

Clicker Dies, Matched Metal Tooling, Thermal Dies

Diecutting Supplies

Counterplates, Creasing Matrix, Cutting Plates, Makeready Supplies, Paperboard, Stripping Tools

Diemaking Supplies - Full Line Supplier

Heat Seal Die Supplies, Steel Rule Die Supplies - Flat and Rotary, Thermal Die Supplies

Diemaking Equipment

Automatic Rule Benders, Automatic Rule Processors, CAD/CAM Systems and Software, Counterplate Cutting Systems, Jig Saws, Laser Dieboard Burning Systems, Manual/Semi-Automatic Rule Benders and Notchers, Nick Grinders, Plotters, Samplemakers, Waterjet Cutting Systems

Diemaking Supplies - Other

Adhesives and Pressure Sensitive Films and Tape, Carbon Paper, Counterplate Materials, Die Ejection Material, Jig Saw Blades, Knife Connectors/Common Joiners, Punches and Tubes, Punches and Tubes, Custom, Screw Punches, Spring Guide Pins

Diemaking Supplies - Dieboard

ABS Plastic Dieboards, Birch Dieboards, Flat, Birch Dieboards, Rotary, Composite Dieboards, Laser Dieboards

Diemaking Supplies - Rule

Annealed Clicker & High Die, Brass Rule, Coated Edge Rule, Edge Hardened & Preground Rule, Flat Rule, Perf Rule, Rotary Rule

Diemaking/Diecutting Services

Computer Software, Graphic Design, Laser Dieboard Burning, Machinery Repair/Upgrade/Automation Services, Sample Cutting, Training Services, Waterjet Cutting Services