Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG

Stanzformtechnik, Karl-Marbach-Str. 1 Heilbronn D-74080 Germany



Member Since: 1983


General Manager

Andre Angermeir

General Sales Manager Die Supp

Christopher Herrington

Sales Northeast/Canada

Enrico Küttner

Service Representative

Fuat Toprak

Management Consultant

Ji Lu

General Manager

Juan Ortega

Karl Woehr


Martin Zehn


Peter Mack

Service Engineer

Ralf Schramm

Product Eng

Sandro Meile

Project Engineer

Simone Reisser

Thomas Kandlbinder

Director of Automation & Servi

Primary Business

Diemaker - Commercial

Secondary Business Type(s)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Cutting Dies - Label

Flat Label Dies

Cutting Dies - Rotary

Hard Anvil EDM Dies, Lasered Kerf, Steel Rule Dies

Cutting Dies - Flat Steel Rule

Acrylic or Metal-Base Dies, Blanking Dies, Block Dies, Bonded Dies, Combination Dies, Composite Dieboard Dies, Jigged Kerf, Lasered Kerf, Puzzle Dies

Cutting Dies - Other Types

CNC Machined Dies, Embossing Dies, High Dies, Walker or Dinker, Thermal Dies

Diecutting Equipment - Other

Inspection, Calibration and Gauging Systems

Diecutting Supplies

Blanking Grids, Blanking Systems, Counterplates, Creasing Matrix, Cutting Plates, Die Storage Systems, Diecutting Press Accessories, Makeready Supplies, Soft Anvil Blankets, Stripping Tools

Diemaking Supplies - Full Line Supplier

Steel Rule Die Supplies - Flat and Rotary

Diemaking Equipment

Automatic Rule Benders, Automatic Rule Processors, CAD/CAM Systems and Software, Counterplate Cutting Systems, Laser Dieboard Burning Systems, Manual/Semi-Automatic Rule Benders and Notchers, Nick Grinders, Plotters, Samplemakers, Waterjet Cutting Systems

Diemaking Supplies - Other

Adhesives and Pressure Sensitive Films and Tape, Carbon Paper, Counterplate Materials, Die Ejection Material, Jig Saw Blades, Mallets, Punches and Tubes, Punches and Tubes, Custom, Screw Punches, Spring Guide Pins

Diemaking Supplies - Dieboard

Beech Dieboards, Flat, Beech Dieboards, Rotary, Birch Dieboards, Flat, Birch Dieboards, Rotary, Composite Dieboards, Laser Dieboards

Diemaking Supplies - Rule

Annealed Clicker & High Die, Brass Rule, Coated Edge Rule, Edge Hardened & Preground Rule, Flat Rule, Perf Rule, Rotary Rule

Diemaking/Diecutting Services

Computer Software, Consulting Services, Graphic Design, Laser Dieboard Burning, Machinery Repair/Upgrade/Automation Services, Sample Cutting, Training Services, Waterjet Cutting Services