Kuesta Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti.

IOSB Hurriyet Blv. Deparko San. Sit. No: 1/6 - z2 Basaksehir, Istanbul, Ikitelli 34490 Turkey



Member Since: 2013

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Organization Overview

Owing to its long-time sectoral background and experience, KUESTA undertakes imports and exporting of the rule die and every sort of products used in their manufacturing. With its worldwide imports network and high-quality service opportunuties, KUESTA attempts to analyse any requirement of the sector with the intention of marketing of the newest technologies by means of its young and dynamic personnel.

KUESTA’s chief principle is to supply unconditional customer satisfaction. Thanks to our reliable references from Turkey and other countries, we have obtained a stable rising trend since 2002 and increased variety of our products.

With our experienced team, we intend to expand our marketing network by making new worldwide investments in field of selling the steel rules.

Our mission: Kuesta investing continually to obtain a global-scale position in our sector aims to spread its best service quality to every part of Turkey.

Our purpose: To be best with our service quality in our sector.
Photo of Kuesta Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti.


Elcin Kilic

General Manager

Ismail Sagir

Ugur Karakilic

Primary Business

Supplier - Manufacturer

Secondary Business Type(s)


Diecutting Equipment - Other

Inspection, Calibration and Gauging Systems, Used Equipment

Diecutting Supplies

Counterplates, Creasing Matrix, Diecutting Press Accessories, Makeready Supplies, Stripping Tools

Diemaking Supplies - Full Line Supplier

Steel Rule Die Supplies - Flat and Rotary

Diemaking Equipment

Automated Stripping Pin Setter, Automatic Rule Benders, Automatic Rule Processors, CAD/CAM Systems and Software, Counterplate Cutting Systems, Jig Saws, Laser Dieboard Burning Systems, Manual/Semi-Automatic Rule Benders and Notchers, Nick Grinders, Plotters, Routing Die Tool Production System, Samplemakers, Score Cutters, Waterjet Cutting Systems

Diemaking Supplies - Other

Adhesives and Pressure Sensitive Films and Tape, Carbon Paper, Counterplate Materials, Die Ejection Material, Jig Saw Blades, Knife Connectors/Common Joiners, Mallets, Punches and Tubes, Punches and Tubes, Custom, Screw Punches, Spring Guide Pins

Diemaking Supplies - Dieboard

ABS Plastic Dieboards, Beech Dieboards, Flat, Beech Dieboards, Rotary, Birch Dieboards, Flat, Birch Dieboards, Rotary, Laser Dieboards

Diemaking Supplies - Rule

Annealed Clicker & High Die, Brass Rule, Coated Edge Rule, Edge Hardened & Preground Rule, Flat Rule, Perf Rule, Rotary Rule

Diemaking/Diecutting Services

Computer Software, Consulting Services, Machinery Repair/Upgrade/Automation Services, Sales & Marketing Support/Lead Management, Training Services, Waterjet Cutting Services