Representaciones Pfeifer S.A. de C.V.

Oriente 171 No. 375 Col. Ampliacion San Juan de Aragon Ciudad de Mexico, CDMX 07470 Mexico



Member Since: 2002

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Organization Overview

Representaciones Pfeifer was founded in 1947 and is the leading supplier of consumables for the diemaking and diecutting industries in Mexico.

We offer best-in-class products, efficient deliveries, qualified commercial and technical service to the industry, certified under the ISO 9001:2015 quality system.
Photo of Representaciones Pfeifer S.A. de C.V.


Gerardo Kahn

VP Sales

Arturo Kahn

VP Operations

Carla Castillejos

Telemarketing Manager

Ivan Delgadillo

Technical Manager

Leslie Kahn

Marketing Manager

Montserrat Soto


Rodolfo Kahn


Primary Business

Supplier - Distributor

Diecutting Supplies

Blanking Systems, Chases, Counterplates, Creasing Matrix, Cutting Jackets, Urethane, Cutting Pads, Cutting Plates, Die Storage Systems, Diecutting Press Accessories, Makeready Supplies, Soft Anvil Blankets, Stripping Tools

Diemaking Supplies - Full Line Supplier

Clicker/High Die Supplies, Heat Seal Die Supplies, Steel Rule Die Supplies - Flat and Rotary, Thermal Die Supplies

Diemaking Equipment

Router System Dieboards, Automated Stripping Pin Setter, Automatic Rule Benders, Automatic Rule Processors, Laser Dieboard Burning Systems, Manual/Semi-Automatic Rule Benders and Notchers, Nick Grinders, Score Cutters

Diemaking Supplies - Other

Adhesives and Pressure Sensitive Films and Tape, Carbon Paper, Counterplate Materials, Die Ejection Material, Jig Saw Blades, Mallets, Punches and Tubes, Punches and Tubes, Custom, Screw Punches, Spring Guide Pins

Diemaking Supplies - Dieboard

Beech Dieboards, Flat, Beech Dieboards, Rotary, Birch Dieboards, Flat, Birch Dieboards, Rotary, Composite Dieboards, Laser Dieboards, Maple Dieboards, Flat, Maple Dieboards, Rotary

Diemaking Supplies - Rule

Annealed Clicker & High Die, Brass Rule, Coated Edge Rule, Edge Hardened & Preground Rule, Flat Rule, Perf Rule, Rotary Rule

Diemaking/Diecutting Services

Consulting Services, Laser Dieboard Burning, Training Services