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The IADD is currently accepting nominations for the coveted:

Do you know someone whose achievements meet the criteria below? If so, making a nomination using our two-part EXPRESS method is this simple:

PART 1 (5 minutes or less)

1. Identify your nominee(s) for the award(s)
2. Identify yourself
3. Complete Part 1 of the applicable online form by July 11, 2024:

PART 2 (20 minutes or more)

4. You will be emailed the detailed Questionnaire. Or you may download the PDF nomination forms to complete the full questionnaire: 
Lifetime Achievement Award PDF
Cutting Edge Award PDF
Pillar Award PDF
Unsung Achievement Award PDF

5. Your fully completed Questionnaire is due by July 18, 2024. 

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LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD CRITERIA AND ELIGIBILITY: The prestigious IADD Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual?s significant and enduring contributions to the diecutting converting industry. This award is only given sporadically, to ensure that recipients meet the criteria and are truly deserving. The criteria include:

  • Having made outstanding and ongoing accomplishments to the industry and/or to the IADD over a lengthy period of time in their professional lives.
  • Being recognized as exceptional industry members who have advanced the welfare of the industry.
  • Having openly shared valuable experience with other industry members.
  • May have contributed significantly and consistently to the advancement or recognition of the industry through service to the IADD and/or related organizations.
  • May have been frequent contributors or organizers for presentations, workshops, publications or related events geared to helping other industry members achieve business success.

CUTTING EDGE AWARD CRITERIA AND ELIGIBILITY: One of the association's highest honors, the Cutting Edge Award focuses on the person (or team of people) who has made the most positive impact on our industry, preferably within the last 24 months, demonstrating a unique, meaningful, or emerging contribution to the diecutting/diemaking industry. This contribution may be in the form of technology, hardware systems, methods, association development and betterment, active participation within the IADD, education, or through some other significant contribution to further the industry as a whole. The award is presented annually, and past recipients are eligible. 

PILLAR AWARD CRITERIA AND ELIGIBILITY: This award is for those who have served the IADD over a period of time and not less than 8 years. The criteria include having made huge contributions to the Association, whether through committee work, chapters, presentations, articles, Odyssey, etc. This person is perceived to be a pillar of information and expertise. The award is presented as needed.

UNSUNG ACHIEVEMENT AWARD CRITERIA AND ELIGIBILITY: This award recognizes deceased leaders within our Association and industry who have gone unrewarded or unrecognized for their significant contributions to the diemaking, diecutting and converting industry. It is presented sporadically.