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We are dedicated and experienced industry professionals who stand ready to assist IADD members. Our mission is to quickly research and answer technical diecutting and diemaking questions in an unbiased, confidential, current and direct manner.
  • Patrick Quinlan

    Patrick Quinlan

    Technical Sales, CCM Die Supply/Channel Creasing Matrix, Inc.

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    TechTeam Chair

  • Peter Bendell

    Peter Bendell

    General Manager, Pioneer-Dietecs Corp.

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    TechTeam Member

  • Mark Grigsby

    Mark Grigsby

    Production Improvement Manager, Dynamic Dies, Inc.

    TechTeam Member

  • Jeremy T. Guest

    Jeremy T. Guest

    President, Diansuply, Inc.

    View Profile


    TechTeam Member

  • Zach Haddock

    Zach Haddock

    Regional Sales Manager, Preco, LLC

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    TechTeam Member

  • Cole Ippolite

    Cole Ippolite

    Plant Manager/Solution Specialist/Product Development, Integrity Steel Rule Die Inc.

    TechTeam Member

  • Dan Mathys

    Dan Mathys

    Technical Specialist Postpress, Heidelberg USA, Inc.

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    TechTeam Member

  • Robert McCann

    Robert McCann

    Head of Service Product Portfolio, Bobst North America Inc.

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    TechTeam Member

  • Joseph McDowell

    Joseph McDowell

    President, Converting Solutions Group

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    TechTeam Member

  • Mike Nowakowski

    Mike Nowakowski

    President, Nowakowski Sales and Consulting LLC

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    TechTeam Member

  • John Passantino

    CEO, The Perfect Supply Company, Inc.

    View Profile


    TechTeam Member

  • Robert Wax

    Robert Wax

    CEO, Associated Pacific Machine Corp.

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    TechTeam Member

Technical Services Coordinator

  • Jenny Holliday

    Jenny Holliday

    Chief Executive Officer, International Association of Diecutting and Diemaking

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