Technical Writer

Volunteer Opportunities,


Be seen as an expert in the industry and write an article for The Cutting Edge Magazine. Length can be anywhere from three- to four-paragraph introductory technical articles to in-depth cover page features.


  • Work with an IADD Technical Services Committee member or IADD Staff to determine topic.
  • Write the article. Full length published articles are about 750-2,000 words in length; half page articles, about 400-600 words; quarter page articles, about 250-400 words.
  • Email the document and any supporting charts, photographs or artwork to (all formats are accepted; word processing formats (such as Word) and image file formats (such as JPG) are preferred to PDFs).

Ideal experience needed

Those who have been in the trenches and who can write articles that relate directly to the industry — technical solutions, industry roundups, market trends, new products, improved technologies, ongoing research and development, new manufacturing techniques—or sales and management techniques that can be successfully applied by our members.

Time Commitment

Short Task (a few hours)


  • Personal satisfaction from helping to promote the diecutting and diemaking industry and
    advance the knowledge of its practitioners.
  • Respect from your colleagues and recognition of your technical expertise.
  • Global visibility for you and your company.

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